About Us

Who we are

Chayamundo is the pinnacle of our quest for art and perfection in the field of design. Our aim is to be synonymous with extravagance without compromising even a sliver in quality, comfort and uniqueness. We design aiming to elevate the stature of the individual and help them maintain a panache exclusive to them.

We are very picky about where we source our materials from, we aim to be environmentally sound, sustainable and humane. We pride in the capability to design both Contemporary and Avante Garde styling. Fashion to us is being comfortable in our own skin. And our designs are here to help you reach that ultimate feeling of being complete and complacent without compromises.

Uniform Concepts

Designing uniforms is a challenge we enjoyed going through. It is essential that these garments are the finest balance between utility, comfort, class and durability. All this while maintaining the visual appeal which should be unique to the school or organisation which these uniforms represent.

We hope you go through each of these concepts and as spoiled for choice. We will always endeavour to improve upon these concepts to be delivered according to your final requirement.

Most of our uniforms use the finest Terrycotton, Polycotton and Polynylon fabrics which are picked specifically for the utility each of our uniforms is designed for. Usability is of prime importance and hence that isn’t compromised upon during the design process and while picking the materials.